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When the EMperor first reached the SKylit Isles, he travelled around the whole mass of small and larger islets, taking with him architects and mathematicians. Here, he would build Kadasandra, city of 9 isles...each section self fortified and able to cut itselkf off from all others, to better defend. It was a marvel.

blegh blegh...when he found the sleeping dragons in the bowl of Heaven's Light (volcano), he took a piece of the Eternal Flame which burns there (phosphor, magnesium etc in a 'new' element that dioes not consume itself).

He formed a Guard, the Emperor's Own, soon to be called the Emperor's Warflame, as each bore a tiny piece of the Flame Eteranl in a locket, worn to battle, and they bore the great warbanners of Valerian, sewn by his own hand - they were the personification of the idea that was his EMpire; noble, proud, loyal to the end and would not give ground - they die where they stand, and cannot be broken in battle.

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