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Before The Empire came, DUinir was a deeply wooded area, where small villages lived in a loose community. Wardens moved through and protected these villages, and decided fair justice on those within. Trade was arbitrated by them, as were most matters, and the Wardens were idealistic and had integrity for the main. The Great Ward wasa larger dwelling, dug out of an ancient Weirden Tree., ringed by smaller versions of the long dead father of the forest. The inhabitants of the Great Ward had no idea what a Weirden Tree was, or that the Lindiri had abandoned it some time before the DUinir moved into it. The highest amongst the Council of Wardens knew of the Lindiri; often they visited, as the tree was held in high regard, and those living there were determined to have given the forest the respect it deserved. SHould the Lindiri have wished it, at this point in their history, the entire population of DUinir would be dead overnight should they have lived differently.

Around 800 Wardens lived in the Great Ward, and a similar amount were travelling the villages of Duinir. These men were all that stood between their people and those would seek to harm them.The 20 COuncil members had been taught much of their knowledge, and their morals by the Lindiri. A few Wardens had been given the knowledge of Ley CHannelling; they proved to be almost the only humans ever to have been able to use it...the elves will always state that man cannot Channel because of their state of mind, not because they just cannot. Weiridng magic is the way of man in the use of magic, as the COllege of Sorcery taught the first firebinders under Valerian's tutelage.

Within DUinir, a large community of Lindiri still remained, deep in the forest, and it is likely that they do so now. The Wardens performed another task within their main shepherding of their people. They proscribed the areas the Lindiri occupied as places of no travel, although some did try entry; they either turned back on themselves are began where they had started, or a few were said to have made it to the spirits in the forest and came back much changed.

FOr generations, this way of life had existed, and it had worked. New blood within the COuncil pushed the larger settlements forwards, building upon their lands, erecting new buildings, moving some of the populace where there was building to be done, and an influx of trade brought new people to their forests, swelling the population. Their easy, sedate lives were changing. Full councils, run by Wardens, were installed within the larger settlements. This development hit it's height when they built their first 'city' - In the Woodpike lived nearly three thousand people, and it was a wonder, consisting of a walled town and many building erected in the huge trees that rose around it, and passed through it. A militia had formed to deal with past threats, but this city began training a small regular army.

As the walls were finished, there came reports of missing people to the East, and even an entire village had burned without any survivors. Here had come the first scouts of a foe they would later face in full. In the Great Ward, power was being transferred to individual settlements, and they were slowly becoming more isolated and insular. The Wardens in the settlements still behaved as they should, but the greater knowleedge they had was held solely within the Ward. To meet this threat, the Great Ward mobilised it's Wardens. Eleven hundred men and women macrhed to the east, to find this threat where the lesser skills of the towns-wardens would not endure.

They came across the village of Tenbeam and stumbled into the mire of slaughter left behind the invaders. They discovered a small force of Lindiri camped nearby, who had also begun to track these foes. They revealed what they knew, and that was little. NO one had seen the creatures the Lindiri described before, and that sent cold dread into the Wardens there gathered. AT this point a terrible tragedy was unveiled. A party of Lindiri scoutrs was ambushed by people of Duinir, sent from the settlements. Nearly 80 animist had been killed, alongside some few Fey, but they had fought hard. The Wardens from the Great Ward attempted to avoid any retaliation, but many animists marched in the deeper shadows of night, and the urban troops of DUinir were scattered, almost annihilated by them. The remainder were hunted down and slain - not one would return to their homes, and the Wardens could not argue against the Lindiri response.

A second army was on it's way though, and numbered three thousand...a host of the men of DUinir, but one not of the Wardens. It became apparent that the urban councils had fallen away from their old way and old oaths. They were met in the field; this time by the Lindir and the old Wardens. In a shifting battle, the outcome was sadly one-sided. The urban army was smashed, and the 'Warden' leaders were brought before the Lindir and men of the Great Ward. They were summarily executed. Wardens were dispatched to all settlements, to remove any of the COuncils that refused their oaths to be retaken.

In some places, the COuncils ran true, but in many, they're were utterly corrupt. Some welcomed the Wardens, others refused them entry, others sent their heads to the Great Ward.

SO the civil war began. The Great Ward gathered it's men and women; messages were sent to the settlements that were true. WOodpike, the 'capital' of DUinir remained true, but was swiftly placed under siege. The corrupted Wardens lay siege to it, and they sent three armies against the other large settlements that remained true, alongside a force to burn the Great Ward. This was their mistake. The army that moved against the Great Ward began to bring up ladders, even to construct siege engines, but they were never used. The tiny garrison, two hundred only, were on the walls when the Lindiri attacked. THree thousands of ANimists and another thousand Fey attacked this army. The Great Wardens sallied, and the enemy were routed.

The Fey followed this up. They moved to aid the Great Wardens, and battle under the forest eaves was fought for seven years. The entire West and SOuth of the province went over to the 'corrupt' COuncils, but many of the Northern and Eastern settlements went to the Great Wardens. The West and SOuth were far more densely populated however, and only the Lindir allowed them to hold. SLowly, theyheld their lines, and then slowly began to defeat the western settlements. It was the West that capitulated first. Their hearts were still tied to the forests, and it took only a show of force and three decisive battles to bring them back to the old ways. They would not take up arms against the SOuthern men of DUinir, but the held to the old ways. It seemed that a dense black cloud was lifting in the West. There was more to this thatn just simple corruption.

The south had hired mercenaries from Dalthrasia and some from further south, amongst the CLans of the Earthspine - CImrai, they were called, although the nobles called themselves the Haladin. The civil war was to be a longer and more bloody affair because of this. The New COuncil of DUinir had amassed nigh on twenty thousand troops, whilst the Great Wardens numbered only 1100 Wardens, 6000 militia and 3000 Fey. More years passed, and the war was swinging back and forth, decimating villages and shattering the walls of Woodpike, which had held a four month siege in the spring, when the main strength of fey were locked in battle in the south west, tricked into a rash strike due to the burning of Weirden Trees. Thye destroyed the forces that were killing the great trees, then swung north at speed, and struck the besieging force. This time, the battle was not so single sided, but the siege was broken and it took days to burn the dead.

The war entered it's final stage two months later, as the forces of the Great Ward were being increasing fewer. RUmours told that more of the Lindiri were marching from the south, but the Great Ward may well have fallen, had not Valerian (still known as Ulaya at this time) come upon them. With a swift assault by Spurhawk Riders, he took two major towns, and his infantry swept up to link with those of the Great Ward. In COuncil, Valerian met the Lindiri and the Great Wardens, and terms were agreed. The EMpire would aid them in their just war, leaving the Fey to their chosen lands in perpetuity, whilst DUinir would become a province of the feldgeling EMpire, under the terms that it would remain socially as it was, allowing for the development of the south into a defensive wall against these Haladin of the Earthspine Mountains. They wouyld pay tithes to the EMpire, provide soldiers, but woulkd, in return gain stability, growth and the just laws of the EMpire, and the promise of it's Legions in war.

This lasted hundreds of years, with great peace. Duinir was one of the few Provinces not to see the scars of war. This changed with the coming of the Naugiri, the Orcs, whose scouts had so long ago destroyed a village in the East of Duinir.

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