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The Imperial Province of Saladir in the East is a Principality as such, but they were placed under strict confines in this aspect by the emerging Emperor, after his swift, sky-borne, voctory in the south. As with many conquered countries, the SKyhawks were vital in the conquest of Saladir. They simply could not defend against such a swift and ecisive action.

The quick and light cavalry of the Saldir army was able to outmaneuvre anything that Valerian could muster; they knew how to fight in the sands and arid lands they occupied and used thier cavalry highly effectively, and had superb horse archers.Their noble 'Silver Lancers' were an appalling foe, and the Queen's Horse were fine shots. Their tactics were to outmaeuvre foes and wear them down, before hitting them hard as they stood exhausted, overcome by the heat.

Valerian brought in one army, making a defensive line around an oasis. Here, they were taunted and worn down. Dead littered the ground from horse archer fire. They sat for two weeks, leaving a force of 12,000 remaining from almost twice that. His was a decisive plan however. Behind the enemy lines, his air cavalry had already siezed the capital city, Selis, siezing the Queen and the royal family. The massive hawk force had been silencing any messengers, and now struck the Royal Army from behind. Ten thousand Spurhawk riders hit them at dawn. As the air cavalry struck, Valerian led his cavalry, which had been hiding 1 mile hence, carefully wearing sand coloured tabards and cloaks. Three Thousand Legion Lancers hit the left flank, even as Valerian advanced on the foot troops of the foe. There was a terrible battle being fought - the Royal Army had no chance.

The King died before Valerian could get to him, but the Royal Forces surrendered, and Valerian was always magnanimous in victory.

The Queen and her sons were kept as the rulers of Saladir, but the sons would only ever be princes, not kings.

To placate the populace, they were given three years of no taxation or tithes. Better water was drawn from deeper wells, a council was et up to help rule. This was made of equal numbers of peasantry, military and aristocracy. A chosen Imperial Governer was also appointed, to aid in rule. One hundred years after this, the Prince was given equal power to the governer, and the COuncil was given powers over all of the industry and infrastructure of the Province, whilst the Prince and Governer were placed in command of the society and military of the Province. SInce then, Saladir has remained an utterly loyal, supportive and productive member of the EMpire. Saladir is a noble and idealistic province, and have always served the EMpire well.

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