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Kadasandra was the heart of the EMpire. It is the isle that stands between the two continents (and a massively important strategic point), but, more importantly, it is where Valerian found the Dragons. Here was where the Emperor flew his SPurhawk up the slopes of the Dream mountain, spiralling higher and higher, growing colder and breathing less easily, he saw his death and shrugged it from his mind, until he burst through the cloud-tops and found the volcanic bowl where the True Dragons slept.

There is no record of HOW he awoke them, nor does it say why they did not simply devour him, but all records agree that they spoke to each oither, and he spent a month amongst them, leaving their side to call them friends. They served him in the conquest of the west, allowed him to ride their backs, and sending blasts of Dragonfire to blacken high walls and terrify his foes. What is now The Imperial Heartlands fell to him and his Dragons, but they would not travel further from their nest, nor would destroy entire armies, which were certainly within their power.

Valarian did not need their might for the rest of his conquest, and he finally retreated to Kadasandra, where he regularly flew with them and talked of many things. Their sense of good and just action was said to be exemplary.

From Kadasandra the EMpire built their massive fleet, stationing it at the Isle of Fleet, to the south, and the fortresses of Eastwatch and westwatch were build from stone raide by the dragons. All in all, Kadasandra itself is one 'province' yet is easily the most powerful territory there is. Here are based the Guard Legions, recruits from all provinces are based at the Imperial City's barracks, and the realm is preserved and ruled from thei focal point. Should Kadasandra fall, the heart of the EMpire would wither.

AT the time of the Ghaurchlai Wars, valerian had become tired, sleeping badly, not resting, depressed and uninterested in rule. It is said that he went to the Dragopns and found them sleeping or gone, with no way of waking them. His fire of life was extinguished in one fell swoop. In the capital, the Courts were rife with treason, corruption and the the death of many advisors, to be replaced by Ghaurchlai Shapestealers.

WHen Valerian was torn from his dire thoughts by Inledlis, the Void Knight COmpassionate, he rallied the Imperial East and marched to Saden Fields, where the cataclysmic battle for the planet began. Valerian was wounded direly, and the Dragons stirred, then awoke and came in fury upon the Ghaurchlai battle lines. As the EMperor lay wounded, a Dragon came and bore him to their nest, whilst the otherDragons tore into the Ghaurchlai Host. Each being a mile long, they smashed and burn ed entire battalions of the foe, and are said to have destroyed the host from the rear, even as the forces of the east and west hurled themselves aginst the Ghaur battlelines.

Many of the greatest Ghaurchlai perished that day, but dragons too were killed and wounded, but the Ghaur that remained were bound by the Ildiri bending rivers and fl;ooding the enemy host with a wahs of fresh water. Fresh or running water sends Ghaur into a torpor, and the result is best taken from the Ildiri historians.

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